It is common for individuals to believe that they do not have the time, capacity or need for a coach for themselves, or their organizational leadership teams and staff. As an entrepreneur, I know the feeling. The fast pace of business often puts a strain on our time and resources such that we may not think we have the flexibility to work with a coach.

Coaching is an investment in you

That being said, I want you to think of coaching as an investment, in you, your organization, your vision and your goals. When individual goals are tied to a personal or professional mission, improvements are made to the bottom line, strategic objectives, organizational culture and, most importantly, personal, professional and emotional development.

This app was borne out of my transition from a very busy career as an entrepreneur and politician. Taking the time to reflect on my background and experiences, I developed a curriculum around the lessons that: 

  1. allowed me to immigrate to a foreign country at a very young age
  2. do exceptionally well in high school
  3. fail through university and completely abandon my lifetime career goals
  4. start over and become an award winning entrepreneur; and
  5. end up as an elected official and Parliamentary Secretary to the leader of a G7 country. 

I can see clearly now

The aim of this course is to focus on what you can do now to bring clarity to your goals. It is not about what happened yesterday, or what can happen in the future ( although we will both draw from stories and experiences in our past to complete the exercises). This course is about owning all of your strengths, weaknesses, flaws and skills to get closer to your passion and purpose, in the present. 

Let’s talk neuroplasticity

Don’t worry! We are not about to embark on a neurology course. I just want you to know that our brains have the capacity to grow and change. So, anyone who is underperforming can learn to be one of the strongest performers, with just a little help. You can learn new skills, languages or simply how to overcome the fear that is keeping you for achieving your goal.

We know that when you challenge a person where they are skilled, their brains grow, like a muscle. However, when they are overwhelmed beyond their capacity to cope, it is bad for the brain. We also know that increasing confidence, increases performance. While chronic fear and/or a toxic work environment decreases performance. With my help, connecting the dots between skills and personal or organizational goals will become effortless.

That does not mean that you do not have to do the work! A certain degree of dedication is required to achieve goals, maintain authenticity and live a purpose filled life. I cannot do that for you. You are in the driver’s seat. 

Start driving 

That being said, it is obvious that I do not have all the answers. And that is a good thing, because that is not my job. My job is not to find the right answer to fix you or your problems. My job is to help guide YOU to the right solutions for YOU.

If you are reading this, there is something going on in your life that you want to change. Something is happening which is forcing you to pause and take stock of your surroundings, to find some degree of authenticity and be more centred. It could be a life transition, an opportunity that you want to be prepared for, that little voice in your head telling you that you are stuck in a rut or a challenge that you want to achieve. Something is going on in your life that does not feel quite right and does not add up. Whatever it is, you are here because you are seeking guidance. I want you to know that that is ok. It is ok to feel uneasy about life and the hurdles you need to jump over. It is ok to seek truth and know that you are not perfect. It is ok to be present enough in your consciousness to allow yourself to look at your life, at that hurdle or challenge, and deny it any authority, change its position or leave it there and accept it. Whatever you decide, if you are making a conscious decision about it, know that you will be ok.

My experiences have made me stronger and I want the same for you. 


Let’s move on to Step 1 – Establishing a baseline