Step 1: Establishing a Baseline

We have a long road ahead of us on this journey to maximizing you.

To begin you will need a journal, pen and/pencil, a quiet place and about a half hour of uninterrupted time to complete each lesson and activity in this program. Commitment, consistency and honesty are integral to getting the best results. Short cuts, rushing through or reading the notes off your neighbour’s page will not help you. You are about to make an investment in you. Schedule the time, energy and resources to do it.

Additionally, you do not need to complete the lessons and exercises in one day, one week or one month. You can take as much or as little time as you need. As your life changes, go back to the lessons and activities, that speak to you the most, and practice. I will update the content on a regular basis in order to keep it fresh and relevant. 

The Total Leadership Process

I created the graphic above to depict the Total Leadership Process, a program designed by Stewart D. Friedman, Professor of management at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School in Philadelphia. According to Professor Friedman, this program helps you navigate through the unknown and problems in your life which cause you to feel unfulfilled, inauthentic, disconnected and exhausted. We tend to feel this way because we are not doing what we love, not acting in line with our values, have poor relationships with the people that matter most, all while trying to save the world and do it all. The concept is based on three principles:

•Be real: Act with authenticity by clarifying what is important

•Be whole: Act with integrity by respecting the whole person

•Be innovative: Act with creativity by experimenting with how things get done.

We will use this model to help identify goals, through establishing the areas where you want satisfaction in your life. Understandably, you may already think know what you want to accomplish through this coaching session. But, bear with me for a moment and try this exercise. It may reveal some interesting results.

Ready, Set, Go!

I want you to start in the middle of the graphic. Start with YOU. In order to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your life, in all domains, you need to focus on you, and the things that matter most. Start by identifying your core values, leadership vision and the alignment of your values and the actions you take. Take the time to think about each, write them down.

As your coach, and external observer of your life, we will talk about each element. However, it is important to speak to those closest to you, in each of the domains, about the expectations they have of you. The expectations we have in relationships, may not align with the expectation of those who are most important to us. Take some time to write these down and reflect on them. You do not need to show anyone the graphic or your notes. Just take the time to listen.

Next, think of the four domains in your life – community, work, home and self. Do not worry if all of them do not apply to your situation. Based on a score out of 100, rate how important, how much time, and how much satisfaction you get out of each domain. The scores for each category (importance, time and satisfaction) in the four domains, should add up to 100 (i.e. importance could get a score of home: 25, self: 30 and community: 25 and work: 20)

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Friedman SD. (2010). Be a better leader, have a richer life. Clinical Leadership & Management Review, 24(4), 1–9.