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Over the past few years, especially during my tenure in politics, many have asked me to be a mentor, sponsor or coach. 

I love that type of work – guiding people, of all backgrounds, along an often life changing part of their life’s journey. 

While doing this type of work one-on-one is transformative both to the person receiving the guidance, as well as myself, I have found that there are some fundamental principles and lessons that I use with every client, no matter the circumstance. 

These fundamentals are found here, in this course.


Commitment, consistency, and honesty are integral to getting the best results from this course. Short cuts, rushing through or reading the notes from your neighbour’s page will not help you. 

You are about to make an investment in yourself. Schedule the time, energy, and resources to do it.

Additionally, you do not need to complete the lessons and exercises in one day, one week or one month. You can take as much or as little time as you need. 

As your life changes, go back to the lessons and activities that speak to you the most, and practice.



Laptop or PC (avoid mobile devices)

Plate or bowl of nutritious food

Mug or glass of something to drink

Comfortable clothing

Zero distractions

An open mind


Comfortable place to work


Scheduled time for yourself


You don’t need to worry about spending additional time and resources to search for the perfect folder, binder or journal to track your reflections.

As part of the course, I provide you with your own online journal, allowing you the freedom to work through the course wherever you are most comfortable.

It is a powerful tool, with many incredible features, so you only focus on MaximizingU.

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