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MaximizingU is an equity based leadership development app designed to promote asynchronous learning of key diversity, equity and inclusion concepts, as related to leadership.

This personalized approach integrates research informed lessons, skills development activities and self-reflection exercises in each module of the 15-level program. The aim is to develop empathetic leaders who understand the value of diversity, engage in intentional conversations necessary to build inclusion, use their multiple intersecting identities to foster an unapologetic culture of equity and have enough self-awareness of their own biases to promote justice.

When promoted throughout organizations, the app can help shift the organizational culture, provide a foundation for implementing accountability mechanisms for equity and demonstrate a tangible commitment to DEI. 

Available for download now through the App Store and Google Play

“When I read the 2015 McKinsey & Co. report, which found that $12 – $28 trillion dollars could be added to our global GDP, if women and girls were given the tools to reach their full potential, I immediately started to think of ways to help make that happen. 

First, I thought back on the challenges from my years in research and business, and started writing them down. I thought about how lucky I was to be able to go to school and hold not one, but two MBAs, while many women and girls, especially in the global south, could not. I simplified the business competencies I thought were most valuable, and then considered some of my political experiences, and how my title, status and position did not protect me from feeling excluded or uneasy in certain spaces, and wrote down the learnings from those, as well. 

Then, after writing my memoir, “Can You Hear Me Now?”, readers wanted to know how I succeeded? How, after making mistake, after mistake, I was able to continue to stand and grow and pivot, as life threw one curve ball after another. I went back over the notes I had written over the years, modified them, strengthened them with the latest research, added more personal stories and produced an app that was intuitive and accessible. 

MaximizingU contains many of the lessons, practical tips and homework that I needed to do, in order to be a successful researcher, entrepreneur, politician and even a parent. My hope is that those who download and complete the program, will discover what they love and maximize their full purpose, potential and passion.”

In love and tremendous gratitude,


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