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Celina’s presentations are dynamic, engaging, and thought provoking. She challenges audiences to think differently, step out of their comfort zone and dismantle the status quo.

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Celina isn’t for everyone. Not everyone likes it straight. Not everyone likes black coffee. But everyone loves success.

Grounded in academic research, Celina’s approach to coaching provides clients with the tools, techniques and motivation to transform and maximize their potential, establish a vision for moving forward, develop a plan for implementation and ultimately, meet personal and professional goals.

The coaching is introspective, intense and impactful. Connect today.

DEI Training and Organization Cultural Transformation

Change is never easy, and navigating your organization’s next steps, especially related to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), is often daunting; however, increasing globalization and advancements in technology make change inevitable.

Peter Drucker famously said that “Culture Eats Strategy for breakfast”. Toxicity and tension in organizations are a symptom of non-inclusive cultures. Starting with an organizational climate review and assessment, the implementation of a culture transformation plan is straightforward.

Celina will help you create an equitable and inclusive organization by moving beyond diversity checkboxes toward building spaces where people thrive, present innovative ideas, offer dissenting opinions and bring their authentic selves to work each day.

Start seeing the return on investment for your DEI initiatives today.

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