Butterflies & Fear: Activity 1

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Often our fears stem from issues related to:

  • an experience or pain that happened a long time ago,
  • a life event that was too painful to deal with, so we buried it deep inside ourselves, or
  • a new experience that pushes us outside of our comfort zone.

In Chapter 1 of Can You Hear Me Now, I expose some of my childhood fears, and, throughout the book, I can easily see how they manifest themselves in different ways in the present.

Table of Fears
Fill in the Blank Speech Bubble addressing Fears

Reflection A

Face Your Fears

Let’s work on ways to identify your fears and find strategies to deal with them in the present. In your Notepad, answer the following:

  • What are your fears? Write them down. 
  • How have they impeded you from accomplishing your goals?

Reflection B

This can be a difficult task

So, do not worry about getting it right or wrong, or finding the solutions right now.

Just take the time to acknowledge your fears.

Reflect, then release them in your Notepad.

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